Changed Conference Date.
 Changed Conference Date.
The Conference date was changed and exact time will inform in the website and mails
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 The extension of abstract deadline of International Congress on Cultural-Social Impact Assessment
The secretary of the International Congress on Cultural-Social Impact Assessment gave notice about the extension of abstract deadline till the October 21th,2012 and said according to repeated requests of scientific and academic centers and in order to enjoy more capabilities of national and international professors,submission time of abstract has been extended.
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2013 Congress on Cultural-Social Impact Assessment
Developing countries particularly in Asia and Middle East with the presence of giant and multinational companies and firms in oil,gas and petrochemical,conversion industries,tourism industry etc. have taken steps toward a great economic development in recent decades that has left vast impacts on the local culture and communities and consequently will lead to several social responsibilities.
Thus,we are facing a confrontation between industrial and economic development on one hand,and culture and social environment on the other hand. Any operation for development will bring some changes into natural or social environment and sometimes these changes might be diminishing or destructive to a local culture. Therefore,assessment of social-cultural impacts brought about by development projects will lead us to better solutions to mitigate and reduce the negative consequences.
Since its establishment in 2007,Cultural Engineering Strategic Center has accomplished many social-cultural study projects in Iran and intends to hold an international congress to assess the impacts of economic and industrial developments on local culture and communities and its consequences in developing countries,especially Iran.
Congress Objectives:
·         To find and suggest paradigms,models and different stages of implementing social studies to accomplish the social impact assessment
·         To adapt foreign models and experiences to the laws and regulations for implementation of cultural-Social impact assessment in Iran
·         To identify threats,obstacles,challenges,opportunities and mechanisms ahead of implementing the cultural-Social impact assessment
·         To remark scientific strategies to make public benefit from positive cultural consequences due to presence of industries in the country
·         To subtilize the cultural atmosphere of indigenous areas against different cultural layers due to presence of industries
·         To evaluate reformation role in removing structural and cultural obstacles  ahead of development and progress of Iran
·         To remark modern managerial approaches to balance the thorough development of Iran

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